Financial advisor


Pension pros works hand and hand with the client's Financial Advisor to ensure that the retirement plan is designed and administered in the most appropriate manner.  We do not sell investments therefore there is no risk of competition.  We focus strictly on the retirement plan design, compliance and administration.   For a Financial Advisor, having a quality TPA firm behind them to help sell the appropriate plan to a client is invaluable.  We attend meetings with the Financial Advisor or without depending on preference.  A potential client who feels that their plan will be appropriately covered from all angles is a win for all sides.  A well- known ERISA law firm details it best as to why a TPA is your best friend.  Why a TPA can be a Financial Advisors Best Friend.  

Our firm works with Financial Advisors across the country.  Being in the immediate locale of the client is no longer a requirement with the age of the internet.  Our firm administers retirement plans for plan sponsors across the country.  

We are involved from the early design stage to the start of the plan and beyond and all parts in between followed by the annual administration.  The financial advisors that we work with are pleased with the level of involvement that we provide to assist the plan sponsor with the process.  We are always available for meetings, conference calls, basic questions and proposals that the Financial Advisor will need.  We also attend the educational meetings if requested annually.

For More information please contact Patricia Rawlings or request a proposal directly from our web site through the Contact Us tab.