Our services are based on individual client need.  We use the most current software available for this field combined with professional service to manage your plan.

Whether this is a new plan prospect or a plan takeover situation, the first step is a meeting in some manner to gather information and determine the goals and objectives of the potential client.  This meeting is followed up with our professional assessment and proposals detailing the recommended path.

Recurring and Non-recurring Services Include but are not limited too:

  • Plan proposal to determine appropriate plan design
  • Preparation of Plan Document and Materials for Participants
  • Determination of Maximum Permissable Contribution
  • Allocation of Contributions, Forfeitures, Investment Earnings
  • Trust Accounting
  • Preparation of Plan Valuation Report
  • Preparation of Tax Forms and E-filing of those forms
  • Preparation of Distribution and Loan Papers
  • Employee Meetings
  • Assistance with IRS Audit, if applicable
  • Calculation of Qualified Domestic Relation Orders
  • Consulting on a contract basis
  • General Supervision and Operation of your Plan at all Times
  • ​Plan Termination ​​